De Victorie is van ons – campaign Podium Victorie

Podium Victorie is a venue in Alkmaar. A big part of their workforce consists of volunteers. In order to attract more enthousiasts to join the team they launched a campaign: Victorie is van ons. I was responsible for the art direction of this project and had the chance to work together with some substantial creatives. We wanted to communicate the top benefit of working at the Victorie, namely the cummunity vibe and the meeting of new people (and friends) during work. To ensure a sincere realness we asked the volunteers to star in the photos and videos and aimed for a overall feeling of genuineness in the entire campaign. The identity is inspired by the digital handmadeness that exists nowadays on social media. Myrthel van der Ploeg was responsible for the photography and video. Liza Renee did the animations. And Deniz Alpay was the conceptual mastermind of this project.