Robert Jan Lechner is an Illustrator and graphic designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He was born in Rotterdam (1987) and founded his studio in 2010, applying his skills to pay the bills ever since. His main focus is on identity design, art direction and illustration work. By combining handmade illustrations, deep conceptual contemplation and digital techniques he creates a vivid visual language that communicates bravoure & singularity.

2004-2005 Sint Lucas Boxtel, the Netherlands
2006-2010 Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, the Netherlands

+31 6 16531933
Westerkade 30, 3512 HC, Utrecht


Selected clients
Paradiso, Amsterdam . Meulenhoff Boekerij . Podium Victorie, Alkmaar . Club Rex, Hilversum . Setup, Utrecht . Suits for Dudes, Amsterdam . Bird, Rotterdam . International Comedy Festival, Rotterdam . Real Deal Management . Den Olifant wijnbar & tapperij, Apeldoorn .  AIM . Combo Emonomy, Utrecht . DJVM . Donagrandi .